jQuery User interface

Aqui tenemos una libreria de controles visuales basado en jQuery.
Disponemos de:

Mouse Interaction

* Draggables - Makes items draggable by the mouse
* Droppables - Makes drop targets for draggables
* Sortables - Makes a list of items mouse sortable
* Selectables - Makes a list of items mouse and keyboard selectable
* Resizables - Makes an element resizable

User Interface Extensions

* Accordion - A collapsible content pane
* Datepicker - A dynamic date picker
* Dialog - Modeless floating windows and confirmation dialogs
* Slider - A sliding input element
* Table - A sortable table
* Tabs - A tabbed content pane
* Tabs Extensions - Official extensions for tabs


* Shadow - Generates dynamic drop shadows on any element.
* Magnifier - Increase and decrease the size of an element, based upon proximity

Estan trabajando en menu,toolbar,form controls, Tree, Rich Text Editor, and Uploader.

jQuery ui


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